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the BT openreach logo and an example of the broadband line checker
a man with glasses using a laptop with the BT openreach website on the screen
a white mobile device being held by someone showing the line checker responsive website page


Helping people get better connected

Openreach look after the local access network – the fibres, wires and cables that connect tens of millions of homes and businesses to phone, broadband, data and TV services. They work on behalf of the UK's communications service providers (the companies that supply phone and broadband).

We developed a line and postcode checking tool (Linechecker API) for Openreach that allows anybody to enter either their phone number or postcode into a search box and the system will show them the current availability of fibre broadband to their business or home.

This information is automatically updated from a central database of over 26 million records and is currently used by over 150,000 people each week.

The software is responsive and allows users to access the information via smart phones and tablets as well as desktops.

Creative Edge work with Openreach on graphic updates and data processing of files to ensure that ‘The Fibre Journey’, part of the Openreach website, keeps its customers abreast of information regarding which broadband products they can currently access for each of the 3 products: FTTC / FTTP and GFast, and the system also shows approximate delivery dates for future broadband upgrade availability.