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"Don't call me a t*****!"

Published on March 31st 2017


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Entrepreneurialism. A lovely long word to start a post. A word, however that you might feel is not the right fit for you. You might prefer to think of yourself as an inventor, producer, creator or innovator. But before you get hung up on what you think best suits you in a professional sense there’s something about you that you need to know.

Basically you’re a ‘techie’. You might not think of yourself as one. On the contrary, you might think that’s perfectly fitting. You might sculpt beautiful products from wood or teach yoga in Tahitian mud huts but either way, face facts, you’re a techie, or at least you should be.

The modern day ‘entrepreneur’ needs to be more technologically aware than ever. The big idea, the expertise, the skills and the knowledge aren’t enough anymore. To be an industry disruptor or a new kid on the block you need to not only be two steps ahead and have the skills to pay the bills but you also need to have technology at the heart of your business model. Regardless of what the product is or what market you’re in your primary stage is now online and in digital technology. Whether it’s in social, online sales, the internet of things, innovative digital production methods; technology and innovation now sit at the heart of all industries. In the last decade industries such as medical services, product design, building and construction, elderly care and many more were sectors which didn’t see digital technology as being integral are now increasingly becoming ‘tech’ companies and thanks to increased cloud security and convenience, customers are becoming a lot more trusting of technology with their data and transactional activity. Patient data in the cloud, large mobile transactions, smart meters and the internet of things has now become a widely excepted reality rather than a buzz concept.

Because of this at the core of all strategies and business plans ‘digital technology strategy’ should be interwoven into the fabric of your organisation.

So if you’re a startup, what does this mean for how your brand will be perceived and how do you build this into your business strategy? Building tech innovation into your business plan and how this evolves is one part of the jigsaw but the other is how it is interwoven into your brand. For overtly tech companies this is easy, it’s a given, but what if you’re an eco therapist or you make hand crafted products? Businesses that need to appear to sit very much in a tech-free world and maybe more natural in focus can still have tech and innovation as part of their DNA.

We’re not saying that everything should feel like an H. G. Wells novel or lacking in human touch, far from it, we feel that this is the great challenge, making ‘non tech’ fit in a ’tech’ world. In terms of strategy, it could be how you engage with your customers, or maybe a ground breaking technology that sits behind the creation of a product – whatever it is, it should be the thing that pushes and moves your company forward and two steps ahead of your competitors. Online and social are now the first touchpoint for any brand. How did you learn about them first? Where did you first see them? The answer to this is probably through a screen, and a small screen at that.

So whether you regard yourself as an inventor, producer, creator, innovator or dare I say it ‘entrepreneur’ remember one thing – you’re also a ‘techie’ – embrace it.

At Creative Edge we can help you to weave technology into your brand strategy. This needs to be done early on in the conception of your business so come and talk to our experienced team to build a brand that stands as strong now as it will in 10 years time and beyond.

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