Buzzing for twenty five years...

We are an award-winning design and web consultancy based in Truro, Cornwall and work throughout the South West and nationally to deliver highly creative and cost effective design solutions to a diverse range of organisations.

Dave Rickett - Director

Dave has over 35 years of experience working in design and advertising and has worked in numerous agencies based in London, Bristol, and Bath before returning to his native Cornwall to work in Truro, before setting up his own design consultancy 25 years ago.

When not in the studio: Sailing a classic boat and cycling
Favourite snack: Choccy biscuits
Pantone mug:

Melinda Rickett - Director

After studying for a BSc(Hons) at a University 'up north', Melinda worked for a while in PR, then in Management with Marks & Spencer plc, before embarking on a career change. After studying Graphic Design in Cornwall, she set up Creative Edge with her partner Dave in 1988.

When not in the studio: Cycling, jogging, cooking, and learning Spanish
Favourite snack: Flapjack
Pantone mug: (the bright green one!)

Jon Symons - Designer

Jon started his design career creating interpretative graphics for visitor centres within the private sector. After joining the team at Timothy Guy Design, one of the South West's leading multi-disciplinary design consultancies, he produced corporate branding and strategic design communications for a variety of national and international clients. As Assistant Director at Aukett Brockliss Guy he worked on the design and procurement of exhibition, signage and public realm wayfinding strategies. Jon has been with Creative Edge since 2009.

When not in the studio: Cycling, walking, photography
Favourite snack: Mmm... flapjacks
Pantone mug: 2583C

Phil Zschiesche - Designer

Phil started in the world of all things design after leaving college in Cheshire and working for Northcliffe publishing back in 1990! After eloping to Cornwall to live in a cottage by the sea and to start a family he worked for the UK's first and long established Advertising agency until 2001.

When not in the studio: being a dad, building a barn – plumbing, electrician, dry-liniing, heating engineer, stonemason, block-layer, roofing, oak framing, underfloor heating installing, interior designing, landscaping, JCB driving, window fitting, drainage consultant
Favourite snack: Kit Kat Chunky
Pantone mug: 3025C

Dan Mitchell - Web Developer

Dan started programming from a young age on 8-bit computers, later upgrading to 16, and 32/64-bit computers. Having learnt a range of low-level programming languages (C, C++, Assembler) on these platforms from a young age, moving to web-based technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP) was relatively straight-forward. Dan has been working in the web and internet industry for over 12 years and is proficient all web technologies and methodologies. He is also a keen advocate of web standards, accessibility, abstraction, object-orientated design patterns, and KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!). Recently Dan has been mastering HTML5, CSS3, and responsive web design and implementation.

When not in the studio: Playing bass guitar in my band in and around the South West, attending to my horse George, and spending many late nights learning new innovative programming methodologies and technologies.
Favourite snack: Bananas!
Pantone mug: 286C

Suzanne Lewis - Reception

Suzanne started her working life with Harrods, London  where she stayed until starting a family. Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of London she returned to Cornwall to bring up her family. Joining Creative Edge in 1998 she has been answering the telephone and making cups of tea ever since!

When not in the studio: Enjoy cooking, gardening and the theatre
Favourite snack: Try not to snack!
Pantone mug: 239C

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