Our Designs are really taking off!

We recently created the designs for an award winning marketing campaign with Superfast Cornwall. The aim of the campaign was to let Cornwall know that superfast fibre broadband is available and drive people to the website to use our postcode/line checker to increase take up.

The campaign worked across a range of media including print and digital. In February, the Superfast Cornwall marketing team were rewarded with a Chartered Institute of Marketing Excellence Award in the Public sector Category.

The Superfast rocket can now be seen in most of the recent marketing material, billboards, direct mail, bus advertising, tweeting all over the county thanks to the lovely Tweet Bus people, advertising and much much more. Well done all round...

Research into the marketing needs of micro businesses in Cornwall & Devon


Creative Edge have joined forces with Lydon Marketing, Rame Marketing and pfa research to create an infographic showing the importance of marketing to businesses in Devon and Cornwall.

Marketing is a continual state of change but the issue today is the rate of this change. After a survey of 100 businesses in Devon and Cornwall the results found that traditional marketing services are rapidly being superseded by digital services - online marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, video, mobile marketing, social media, SEO and PPC. The infographic visually shows the results of the survey.

To view the infographic please click here.

The Spark

We are once again thrilled to be involved with the Ignite Business Plan Competition. It has always proved a real inspiration for us and getting to work with the winners is a real bonus.

Ignite 2012 was won by Chris Hassall and Russ Henman from RCH Marine Renewables. 'It's was a rewarding project to be involved with', said Creative Edge Senior Designer, Leo Stockley. 'We were able to create a strong and memorable brand for them to grow with'. Chris Hassall director at The Wave Tap summed up Creative Edge's involvement, 'People loved the branding and got 'it' very quickly as they found it a refreshingly different approach for a technology company'.

Previous years have seen us work with Sproggie and Rokka Play.

Last years refresh of the Ignite brand, which saw us produce the competition magazine and advertising campaign continues this year and the team are looking forward to seeing who wins in 2013.

If you're hoping to start a business in Cornwall or have done so in the last 12 months and think your idea has what it takes to really stand out, make sure you enter the Ignite Business Plan Competition! Visit ignitecornwall.com for more information.

Water, water, everywhere...

RCH Marine Renewables is a straight-forward, innovative, people-focused company founded by Russ Henman and Chris Hassall. Together they’ve nurtured The Wave Tap from raw idea to real life-changer and approached the team at Creative Edge to put together the branding for this unique product.

The Wave Tap takes the power of seawater to create fresh, safe drinking water and change lives. It's a fantastic concept and one Creative edge were keen to be involved with. Just one Wave Tap can provide 7000 litres of drinking water each day. That’s enough to support a community of 70 to 150 people. The Wave Tap empowers communities, giving them the chance to build their own fresh water supply, and turning the resources they have into the resources they desperately need.

Leo Stockley, Senior Designer on The Wave Tap branding said 'By the very nature of the product the approach needed to be people focused. From the colour palette Creative Edge devised to the icons and inhouse illustrations that were combined with reportage style photography the aim was to position The Wave Tap with the right balance of humanity and technical know-how'.

'It's been a rewarding project to be involved with and one I've thoroughly enjoyed', said Leo. Chris Hassall director at The Wave Tap summed up Creative Edge's involvement, 'People loved the branding and got 'it' very quickly as they found it a refreshingly different approach for a technology company'.

We look forward to future collaborations.

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