Scilly Time

At the end of September team Creative Edge headed over to the Isles of Scilly to celebrate 25 years of designing stuff. The trip kicked off with a bike ride across the island to reach St marys Riding Centre, where we were introduced to our horses (Peanuts, Max, Ben, Kieron, Marmite, Charlie). A gentle ride across the island followed, the highlight being a wade through the sea (shortly after which Jon dropped his phone). A further bike ride was rewarded with tea and cakes at Juilet's Team Room.

Dinner at Tregarthen's Hotel was followed by a lively night at the local. A mist had descended on the Saturday, but that didn't put the dampeners on the Tresco trip. However, it did play havoc with Phil and Leo's flight back and saw them squeeze on the Scillionian for the crossing.

Thanks to go to: Dave and Melinda for taking the team over, Carina at Tregarhten's Hotel for the warm welcome and sea views, St Mary's Riding Centre (for stopping to pick up Jon's phone and keeping us all on the horses) and the very busy lady from Skybus who managed to get us on the boat on such a foggy day.

Research into the marketing needs of micro businesses in Cornwall & Devon


Creative Edge have joined forces with Lydon Marketing, Rame Marketing and pfa research to create an infographic showing the importance of marketing to businesses in Devon and Cornwall.

Marketing is a continual state of change but the issue today is the rate of this change. After a survey of 100 businesses in Devon and Cornwall the results found that traditional marketing services are rapidly being superseded by digital services - online marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, video, mobile marketing, social media, SEO and PPC. The infographic visually shows the results of the survey.

To view the infographic please click here.

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