Forget freaky Friday, go get fundraising!

Friday the 13th is normally a day to avoid, but not this Friday as it sees the annual return of Red Nose Day and an outbreak of red painted fingernails in the studio! Red Nose Day serves as a timely reminder that businesses all have a role to play in the wider community. The money raised by many thousands people, goes not just towards worthy projects overseas, but also projects much closer to home. Last night the BBC local news ran a short piece about the Women's Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre in Bodmin who have received funding towards its Art programme. Last year Creative Edge worked together with the WRSC to produce an inspirational book containing many thought provoking, emotional and highly creative pieces of art and poetry submitted by the young women who worked with professional artists.

You can see the full news article on the BBC site or take a look at some page samples here.

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