Remember the Eighties ...

It was the decade of padded shoulders, plenty of make up and permed hair – and that was just for the guys. Welcome to the 80's and say hello to Team Creative Edge...

Dave Rickett and Melinda - On the run

In 1988, a cracking creative unit was sent to prison by a design court for a crime they didn't visualise. This team promptly escaped from a minimum open prison to the Cornish underground. Today, still wanted by the DDA, they survive as designers of websites. If you have a design problem, if no one else can solve your branding issue, and if you can find them (on Twitter), maybe you can hire... Creative Edge

Kirsten Harford - Child Star

Kirsten is making a name for herself in the TV industry after appearing in Sesame Street. Her agent has plans to launch a cuddly toy range based on your favourite friend 'Cuckoo'.

When not in the studio: Holidaying in the Cayman Islands
Favourite snack: Whatever her chef makes
Favourite band: Sweet Child Of Mine – Guns 'n' Roses

Jon Symons - Fashion Photographer

Jon is a high flying fashion photographer. At the cutting edge of fashion, he drives a Ford Capri and holidays abroad. Jon has an electric kettle.

When not in the studio: Playing the Sax.
Favourite snack: Posh french restaurants
Favourite band: Bon Jovi

Phil Zschiesche - Private Eye

Phil operates PZ Investigations, a successful private eye firm. He can often be seen cruising around in his distinctive blue 1275, wind blowing in the full length sunroof.

When not in the studio: putting curlers in his hair
Favourite snack: Bounty Bar (it's so exotic)
Favourite band: Wham!

Leo Stockley - Aspiring stunt man

Leo aspires to be stunt driver in the movie industry and dreams of crashing around Hazzard County. One day he plans to talk to Daisy Duke.

When not in the studio: Practises his moves in front of a mirror
Favourite snack: Hot dogs
Favourite band: U2

Dan Mitchell - Arcade Hustler

Hanging out at the local Arcade, Dan supplements his pocket money hustling the local space invaders. His top score dominates the leader board.

When not in the arcade: Saving up for a Spectrum
Favourite snack: Mars Bar
Favourite band: Edelweiss

Suzanne Lewis - Royal Correspondent

Suzanne works as the Royal Correspondent for a very important publication and regularly takes a taxi rather than the underground.

When not in the studio: Sky diving, flying and classic car racing
Favourite snack: Prawn Cocktail
Favourite band: Queen (obviously)

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